Natural Insect Repellent | Botanical Formula | 60ml

Natural Insect Repellent | Botanical Formula | 60ml

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Natural Insect Repellent- Botanical Formula

Toxins free, DEET free
Repels Mosquitos, Flies, Ants

Spray on the skin avoiding eyes and mouth, garments, or bedding.
Reapply every 4-6 hours for optimal effectiveness.
Shake well before use.

Whether you are camping in nature, chilling outdoors, or even going out for a walk, our insect repellent will help you enjoy your time without being buzzed at, bitten, or simply disturbed. Come Night time; it will help you have restful sleep by keeping mosquitoes at bay.

Most insect repellents are loaded with chemicals and toxins that cause serious health issues and harm the environment. Our botanical formula is safe, effective and keeps you in harmony with nature 🍃


Size: 60ml