Spiderman | FACE SHIELD

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Face shields offer an added level of protection with the added benefit of normal breathing and better communication. At younger ages, seeing their peers and their teachers face is important for social development and security.

High-grade PPE plastic face shields with movable mechanism.

Light and thin for better comfortable 

100% clear so as not to strain their eyes and allow  good visibility.


Care & handling tips:

  • With kids we know it’s inevitable, use the replacement sheets when needed
  • Face shield care and Handling tips:
  • Assemble gently, don’t apply too much pressure
  • Do not place items on top of the shield as it might bend the plastic
  • Do not place shield inside small bags or spaces or with many other loose items, preferably hang the shield externally or use our SAFE backpack
  • Clean clear part with water and mild soap Exchange clear part with replacements when needed